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VIMANI : Wireless Incorporated Company


Company Overview

Vimani is a comprehensive Wi-Fi solution provider. Once we bring in the technology, we work with you to design the ways to take the technology and capitalize on its impact. Vimani utilizes specialized expertise to provide the ideal Wi-Fi solution to your organization.

Vimani operates with the principles of Build, Operate, and Maintain (BOM) and Build, Operate, and Transfer (BOT) your Wi-Fi network and solution. Across the spectrum of this, Vimani will work with you to bring to you the most suitable wireless local area network that Wi-Fi can provide your organization.

Vimani brings to your organization experience in building, designing, operating, and training teams on wireless environments. Vimani can work with your organization at any point on your Wi-Fi rollout. From the initial phases of assessing Wi-Fi and its value and return for you, to designing value add solutions, building the network, transferring this to your IT team, maintaining the network, and a full service Wi-Fi outsource. We can work with you from start to finish or pieces within the process.

Across multiple industry segments, Vimani will customize, consult, design, build, and integrate Wi-Fi solutions that meet that particular customers needs. The solutions have provided provide customers with return on their investments that are both qualitative and quantitative in nature. Opportunities include increasing current sales, creating competitive features, to enabling solutions that provide operational efficiencies.

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