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VIMANI : Wireless Incorporated Services


Products and Services

Vimani’s products and services are designed to meet your unique needs and service clients across industries. We understand the opportunity and understand that your needs are individual, requiring the attention and service levels that Vimani can provide. Wi-Fi can take your organization to a new level of operations, and Vimani provides you the tools with which to take advantage of it.

Network Operations Center
  • Full managed WLAN
  • Remote monitoring
  • Security
  • Authentication/Access
  • Customer Service
  • National and Regional Locations
  • Network monitoring
  • Bridging
  • RF Site Survey
  • Installation
  • Systems Integration
  • Transfer
  • Training
  • Gateway
  • Hardware and Software
Professional Services
  • Consulting· Wi-Fi Assessment and Strategy
  • Network Design
  • Capital Return Solutions
    • Efficiency
    • New Revenue Sources
    • Operational Effectiveness
    • Mobility Extension
    • Elimination of Costs
Application Management
  • Authentication
  • Integration
  • Billing and Roaming
  • Transfer
  • Content Filtering
  • Gateway
Wireless Broadband
  • Network VPN
  • Authentication
  • User portioning
  • Security
  • Gateway
Full Wi-Fi Outsource
  • On-site staff
  • Integration with your team
  • Seamless
Update and Enhancement of Network
  • Update and Enhancement of Network
  • Equipment updates
  • Network redesign
  • Efficiency analysis
Application Design
  • Application Design
  • Training
  • Satellite Monitoring
  • Gateway
Billing and Roaming
  • Gateway
  • Management
  • Roaming Relationships

Vimani is full service wireless service provider utilizing 802.11 technologies to establish, manage, and maintain WiFi environments and enable wireless broadband services. Vimani's solution is a comprehensive product offering, which includes a proprietary Gateway solution software, which is integrated with the WiFi architecture to provide for a secure network and enable network monitoring and management services. Vimani works closely with wireless equipment manufacturers to design solutions that

Vimani offers a state-of-the-art operational infrastructure and gateway architecture for wireless LANs in enterprises and hotspots. Security and scalability are key features of our infrastructure. We provide the highest degree of privacy and integrity, using well established, proven security methodologies. Our architecture provides multiple lines of defense with each line offering a distinct mechanism, including network communications security, 128-bit encryption, authentication, and access control. The Vimani platform is eminently scalable, with an expandable RADIUS server, a powerful Core Switch and multiple Access Points, hosting a multi-vendor environment.


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