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VIMANI : Wireless Incorporated WiFi Overview


Wi-Fi Opportunity

Wi-Fi today is growing in its proliferation across markets and demands from users. Market data indicates a surge in Wi-Fi devices (80% of laptops to be equipped with 802.11 cards) and a growth in Wi-Fi hotspot locations. At the same time, mobile workers are demanding greater access to their email and Internet (and related corporate Intranet data) while on the go.

Opportunities exist across functions, needs, and goals of an organization. Hot spot growth is highly driven by the mobile worker. Changing nature of markets, increased competition, and demands of the economy are demanding that organizations remain ahead of the competition and enhance their efficiency. Vimani has designed solutions that bring all of this to your organization.

Vimani knows how to build a Wi-Fi network and integrate a solution to your organization that allows you to capitalize on your Wi-Fi network. Your organization can be assessing its needs, fact-finding on Wi-Fi, conducting a re-design/re-assessment of current Wi-Fi or seeking a full outsource - Vimani can bring the opportunity that Wi-Fi creates – to you.

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